Friday, 15 October 2010

blog virgin

So here I am writing my very first blog, I know I'm rather behind the times, but better late than never in my opinion.

Seen as my name is book caterpillar it should come as no surprise that this is a blog about books. I am an avid book consumer, yet it seems to me that us book fiends are a dying breed. Books just don't seem to recieve the popularity they deserve at the moment, very few magazines cover any variety in terms of literature and sales are every decreasing. So here I am, an outlet for all types of literature.

My love is for literary fiction, but I'd be lying if I denied being guilty of dipping in to chick lit every so often, and I'm happy to munch my way through an autobiography or two aswell. I'm currently doing a masters in children's literature so I'm rediscovering a love of children's fiction too.

I hope you find my blog of interest, I'll be including interviews with authors, reviews of books, book awards, literary festivals and revisiting old favourites. Pop back every day and hopefully I'll be able to satisify your appetite for literature, and together we book caterpillars can munch our way through plenty of literary leaves.


  1. Hi,
    I really like your blog! I've been looking for a decent literature blog for ages and Book Caterpillar really taps into a gap in the market. Looking forward to reading more and best of luck!
    Will tweet about you... when are you joing twitter? x

  2. Welcome to the book blogging community!

  3. Thanks for the welcome Stefanie.
    Creative-idle, I'm going to join twitter soon, I've got to learn how to use it first though!

    Thank you both for reading my blog, I hope you like it :)