Tuesday, 26 October 2010


As this is the very last week of October, and the shops have had their Christmas stuff in for ages already (especially Selfridges whose Christmas shop opens in August!), I have started considering Christmas presents. I love Christmas and I especially love Christmas shopping. Giving really thoughtful gifts is definitely the highlight of my Christmas. Beautifully wrapped gifts containing something sentimental, watching a friend or relative's face light up when they open it. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Anyway, whilst perusing some of my favourite sites this morning in search of the perfect gift, I stumbled across a selection of really fabulous bookmarks. There's a silver one that you can get your own message engraved on, another with your handprint moulded on to a charm, and loads of cute fabric ones. Simply adorable I think.

On another note, my books from amazon finally arrived yesterday so I now have plenty of books to  keep entertained. I still haven't managed to get down to the library though. Never mind, day off tomorrow so plenty of time for reading and the library then :)

Take care.

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