Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Where to find good books...

I always find it tricky to find a source in which really good books are recommended. Here's the thing, although I like to have read a good selection of the current best sellers, really I'd rather be buying books by perhaps less well known authors, and uncovering some gems. The problem is where to find such books. Whilst the amazon best seller list is of course a wonderful source, I want something a little less mass marketed than the books that appear on there. Publishers websites always offer lists and reviews of their most recent releases, the problem is they are all marketed to sound amazing, but are all too often disappointing when they arrive in the post. So where do I find good recommendations?

Newspapers such as The Guardian, The Times and The New York Times do provide reviews, and they're often incredibly insightful. I've also come to rely on the books chosen for the BBC Radio 4 Book at Bedtime programme. I find it difficult to listen to books and so much prefer to read it myself, but the books chosen for this are, in my experience, always fantastic reads. Crimson China, Sister and A Tiny Bit Marvellous have all been taken from their lists and all have been really great reads. If you want to check it out, follow the link Book at Bedtime.

Other than that, my dear readers, I rely on fellow bloggers who make such a huge variety of suggestions for reading that I am spoilt for choice, and offer honest reviews of their reads. So thank you bloggers, for opening my eyes to hundreds of books I would never have heard about with you.

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  1. Many of the books I read have been languishing in my TBR mountain for so long, that I very rarely get to read a new release.

    I don't mind though, as I obviously wanted to read the book at some stage, or I would not have bought it, so reader's of my blog have to accept that many of my books may be quite elderly.

    The wealth of different titles out there, that come to light from reading all these lovely blogs, is amazing and as I have quite eclectic tastes in my reading material, I naturally want to read them all.